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About Us



WHERE WE STARTEDCommercial Bank of California (CBC) is one of the highest capitalized banks in the United States, ranking in the top 6%.  CBC is a full-service, highly regulated, FDIC-insured, community bank headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. Commercial Bank of California is owned, built and run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Individuals such as William Lyon, Paul Folino, and Alex Meruelo make the Board of Directors read like a list of local legends in the business community. The Bank specializes in taking the best practices and experience of the Meruelo Group and delivering that to small and mid-sized California businesses in a highly personalized, relationship-based way.
WHERE WE AREThe first decade brought much success as well as incredible challenges, but through it all Commercial Bank of California has maintained some of the highest capital ratios in the country as well as one of the most talented and dedicated teams in the banking industry. June of 2013 marked the beginning of the development of the “New CBC” starting with an evolution in management.  Mike Sisk joined the team as Chief Financial Officer, bringing a modern outlook and fresh approach to the finance department. This transition was followed by even more substantial changes in Executive management, with the October retirement of Board Chairman General William Lyon after ten years of invaluable leadership. Founding President & Chief Executive Officer Bala Balkrishna ascended to the Chairmanship and chose Ash Patel, a trusted and well-respected leader, to be the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Bank of California. The final step in Commercial Bank of California’s management transformation was then completed with the appointment of Christopher Colella as the new Chief Credit Officer. 
WHERE WE’RE GOINGWith new leadership comes fresh, clear vision. Commercial Bank of California’s new management team immediately implemented an innovative and ambitious strategic plan, initiating a journey to transform CBC into a billion dollar bank over the next five years.  In addition to having new leadership and a clear plan, Commercial Bank of California is also undergoing cultural changes at the ground level. With a renewed focus on human capital innovation CBC can better enable entrepreneurs and business owners to realize their financial objectives. New products such as IRA accounts and flexible time deposits, as well as expanded SBA loan capabilities will assist Commercial Bank of California grow organically and steadily bring us closer to reaching our five year goal. 
A strong foundation of successful businessmen leading the Board of Directors, combined with a super-capitalized balance sheet ranking in the top 6% for all US financial institutions, and a fresh Executive team with a clear vision for the future, gives Commercial Bank of California a winning formula for success: People + Capital + Service + Vision. All of the right elements are in place and Commercial Bank of California is well positioned to meet or exceed the ambitions set forth in the five-year plan.  Beginning in 2014 , Commercial Bank of California will kick off the execution phase of the natural evolution from a small community bank to a billion dollar business bank. Under new leadership and with ambitious new goals, Commercial Bank of California is poised to grow and evolve over the next decade into one of the strongest, safest, and most well-respected financial institutions in California.
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