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Cash Management

Cash Management

From simple online account reporting to full Cash Management solutions we have what your business needs. With our secure online access you can control your business accounts and maximize your cash flow more efficiently and effectively.

Balance Reporting

Gives you instant account information details and reports. For your security you can set up balance alerts and fraud control.

Electronic Statements

Get your statements online the first day after the end of your cycle. No more waiting for mail or making the trip to the Bank.

Stop Payments

Process your stop payments online easy and conveniently.

Outgoing Funds Transfer

Originating ACH payments and initiating wire transfers in a safe environment with permission limits that you specify.

ACH Origination*

Speed the collection of funds from your Customers by originating electronic debit to their accounts, with their agreement. Pay your vendors without paper handling and accounting time. While minimizing your operating expenses you lower the risk of errors and check fraud.

Internal Transfers

Easily transfer funds between your accounts for the current day or the day in the future.

Bill Payment

Pay your bills online at any time without writing any checks or buying a stamp. Easy to use with permission options that you establish.

Commercial BankExpress*

Bring convenience, reliability and speed of delivery to your check deposit process. With our Commercial BankExpress service you can now deposit checks electronically with the click of a button at your business location.

Online Lockbox Services

Expedite posting of your account receivables with summary, details and images of your current day payments. This service gives you the ability to access the information online.

Target Balance Accounts

This service improves your ability to manage funds by consolidating your depository and disbursement account into one account. Our useful, multi-tiered Zero Balance/Target Balance accounting service allows you to disburse or deposit through as many accounts as you need. Then send transfers to and from a single concentration account automatically, relieving you of daily administration of your funds.

Loan Sweeps

Commercial Loan Sweeps provide automatic transfers between a commercial line of credit and a linked checking account. At the end of each business day, if the checking account's balance exceeds a predetermined peg balance, funds are transferred to pay down the outstanding balance of the linked line of credit. Conversely, if the checking account's balance is less than the predetermined balance, funds are transferred from the linked line of credit to cover debits.

Same Day Clearing Presentment

We provide you with the check clearing information early each day, so you can have a better control of your cash position. Daily funding requirements are provided making it easy for you to decide how much you need to cover for payment of checks. Excess balances could be used to pay down loans or make investments.

*Credit Approval Required


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