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Security Upgrade Screenshots

EMFA Screen Shots

Delivery Options Setup Screen

Mandatory Multifactor Authentication and Forgotten Password Setup

When logging into Internet Banking for the first time, you will be presented with the Login Security Setup screen, where you must set up phone numbers for text and/or voice call, and/or an email address for one-time passcode retrieval.

Note: Since you are automatically enrolled in the forgotten password feature, you will not see a forgotten password section on the setup screen.

Challenge Screen

When you log in from a computer that you have indicated as "Public", you will be challenged to enter a one-time passcode. You have the option to receive the one-time passcode using text message, phone or email, as you previously set up.

Step 1: Select your delivery option, then go to that device to retrieve the one-time passcode.

If your Financial Institution generated a One-Time Passcode for you, you will click the link toward the bottom ("click here to enter your access code") to enter it.

Step 2: Depending on the delivery option you selected, the popup where you entered the code will look different. The three options are

Note: The one-time passcode expires 15 minutes after the system sends it. You can click on the "I need it to be sent again link" to receive the same passcode. The passcode expires when either: 1) you use it to log in or 2) 15 minutes has elapsed.

Forgotten Password Reset

If you forget your Internet Banking password, your financial institution makes it easy to reset it. This is the same process as you experience today; however, the way you retrieve your one-time passcode will change. To begin, click the Forgotten Password link on the login screen.

Step 1: Enter your User ID (this step won't change).

Step 2: Just as with the new Challenge Screen, you'll select your delivery option (see screenshot below), retrieve your code, and enter it on the popup.

This screen allows you to reset your own password without having to call your financial institution. The same delivery options you selected to receive your One-time Passcode apply to how you will you use Forgotten Password.

Step 3: Change your password on the final screen (this step won't change).

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